Research & Development (R&D):

Fabrication and commissioning of Specific Test Equipments: Classic lad has tied up with the potential
fabricators, designers, proto-type developers where it offers the complete methodologies, operations,

software and related assistance through its R&D team duw to which Classic enabled in the manufacture/
fabrication of customized equipments since Classic believe in Indigenization Specific Test Equipments
that are highly expensive due to lesser demand by the Testing and Research Industry but not readily
available in the markets or very expensive.

Therefore, to meet the growing demand of our in-house requirement for testing of various categories of
products (Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Environmental etc.), Classic lab developed its in-house
resources through the highly experienced and professional team and enabled manufacture various
customized Test Equipments / Jigs / Fixtures/ Sub Units etc. as per the requisite standards' requirements
for internal use.. All the test equipment are in regular use for testing of products.